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  • Camel Hair Slides
    If you love camels then this is a must have. Individually hand made in Australia. This pair of camels are a cute pair. Attached to the highest quality hair slides..
    Ex Tax: $11.77 $12.95
  • Echidna Hair slides
    A lovely pair of Echidnas for a memento of these cute little animals Each echidna is handpainted and mounted on the highest quality hair slide Just so cute..
    Ex Tax: $11.77 $12.95
  • Elephant Hair Slides
    A very cute pair of hand painted elephants attached to a pair of hair slides. Each elephant is hand painted and hand made Attached to very high quality hair slides A lovely Australian made product..
    Ex Tax: $11.77 $12.95
  • Giraffe Hair Slides
    A pair of Giraffes made into these really cute hair slides. Australian made and hand painted Attached to very high quality clips A lovely memento for every giraffe lover..
    Ex Tax: $11.77 $12.95
  • Panda Hair Slides
    A very cute pair of Pandas mounted on these high quality hair slides Each panda is handpainted and Australian made A cute set for every panda lover..
    Ex Tax: $11.77 $12.95
  • Zebra Hair Slides
    A pair of Zebra hair slides. Each zebra is individually handmade Hair slides are of the highest quality available Australian handmade..
    Ex Tax: $11.77 $12.95
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