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Nikki Tervo Designs

Hand made Ceramic Novelty Buttons and Embelishments are our passion

Now with all the options available you can pick your own color, if you want your button facing left or right, or if you would like us to pick for you, so you get a lovely surprise.

Our full range of novelty hand made buttons are all here.

Brandy Gully has a wonderful range of patterns that include quilting, sewing, stitching, patchwork, cross stitch and lots more. Most of the patterns include beautiful buttons to embelish the projects

Each little handmade button is like a piece of art work. Each one hand made and hand painted so every one is indiviual.

Alongside our own range of buttons and patterns we have added a few other sewing and quilting items. These include fabric, 'Piecemaker Needles', Australian and International Doll patterns and of course a range of Plastic Novelty buttons.

I hope you enjoy your visit and if you would like to see and touch our range then come see us in our very own Brandy Gully Patchwork shop or visit your local Stockist.

So grab a cuppa, take a wander through all the beautiful buttons and patterns, read up on our 'Tips' to make your stitching easier, Join the FREE newsletter to keep up with all that we are doing, and of course grab a copy of the FREE pattern before you finish.

Keep Smiling

Nikki Tervo