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  • Chook Banner
        Finished Size 55cm x 16cm  ..
    Ex Tax: $10.91 $12.00
  • Christmas Star Swag
    An extremely simple project to make in less than a day. You just won't believe how easy this project is to make. Swag is nearly 2 meters in length when finished.      ..
    Ex Tax: $35.45 $39.00
  • Christmas Stitchery Swag - Preprinted and Pattern
    This lovely swag is made up of 9 stars that are then joined together with pretty ribbons and bells. Each star has a letter needle turned to the centre so together they create 'Christmas'. Available as a pattern or as a preprint, please note that the preprints are on WHITE fabric (not the pink as ..
    Ex Tax: $20.00 $22.00
  • Christmas Tree Swag - Pattern and Buttons
        Finished Size   8” x  24”    (20cm x 60cm) ..
    Ex Tax: $22.73 $25.00
  • Christmas Welcome Poinsettia Swag
    A gorgeous swag to welcome all those who come to visit over the holidays. Buttons spell the word 'Welcome'. Swag is about 30" long A fabulous project that is easy to make and can be made in a morning. A great gift or wonderful to add to your holiday decore Make it is pretty fabrics and ke..
    Ex Tax: $17.73 $19.50
  • Merry Christmas Poinsettia Swag
    A gorgeous swag to decorate any space. Add the lovely button set to welcome in the season. Picture of Merry Christmas buttons not available at this time but click on this product and you will receive the Merry Christmas butttons. Pattern also available on its own. Extra button sets available too..
    Ex Tax: $35.45 $39.00
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