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  • Caffeine Addict Sign
    One for the coffee drinkers.  These look great on a mug bag - 36mm x 12mm - Available only as pictured - white background with black writting..
    Ex Tax: $3.18 $3.50
  • Cinnamon Oval Sign
    An oval sign with cinnamon written on it.  Great to add to a bundle of cinnamon sticks or to your spice jar. - 40mm x 17mm - Available only as pictured.  ..
    Ex Tax: $3.18 $3.50
  • Clock
    When the clock strikes one the mice run down.... - 25mm x 25mm - Available only as pictured..
    Ex Tax: $3.18 $3.50
  • Cupcake
    A very popular cupcake for any project 25mm x 25mm Available in assorted colours A white cupcake with the chosen color changing the icing.   Every one has a strawberry on top Brown cupcake pictured.  ..
    Ex Tax: $4.09 $4.50
  • Extra Large Teapot
    56mm x 42mm Available in wedgwood, maroon and green..
    Ex Tax: $9.09 $10.00
  • Glossy Ginger Bread
    A shiny little gingerbread man to dress up any Christmas or cooking project. - 22mm x 36mm - Available only as pictured. this little chap is only one of five different gingerbread men we have available...
    Ex Tax: $3.18 $3.50
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