Hearts and Stars

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  • Applique Heart Set of 3
    A collection of three hearts. This collection is used as the button collection for the 'applique Teapot' Quilt. - 27mm x 27mm - Available in Green, Blue or Maroon Green collection is pictured..
    Ex Tax: $5.45 $6.00
  • Balloon Heart
    A larger heart that is such a lovely shape and is available in a very large range of colors - 33mm x 29mm - Sold seperately Colours pictured top left- pastel green, top right- lime Middle left- flamingo, Middle top - skin, Middle right - black Bottom left - mango, bottom middle - ochre, bottom ..
    Ex Tax: $1.82 $2.00
  • Broad Heart
    One of our most popular hearts that add so much and yet they are only small - 28mm x 20mm - Available in a huge range of colors Sold seperately ..
    Ex Tax: $1.82 $2.00
  • Christmas Heart Small
    A sweet little white heart button with a holly detail 19mm x 16mm Available only as pictured..
    Ex Tax: $1.82 $2.00
  • Christmas Star
    A hand painted star on a star shape. 29mm x 29mm Available only as pictured..
    Ex Tax: $3.18 $3.50
  • Country Heart
    A decorative heart that has the base color that you choose with black detailing of flowers and leave. Great for any project needing a heart with a bit of extra. - 28mm x 20mm - A wide range of colors available. Purple button pictured.  ..
    Ex Tax: $1.82 $2.00
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