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Delivery Information

Our aim is to deliver same day turn around of your order.  Depending on stock levels this may change.  

We guarentee within 28 days but usually the delivery time is no more than 10 days.  'Some thing' is happening in the Button shed if your order is delayed.  

Please contact us at any time to see where your order is and feel free to comment in the 'comment section' of the shopping basket if you need the product urgently and we will do our best.

Delivery of our range takes time.  The main reason being is because of the lag time with the kilns.  It takes 12 hours to fire our kiln to temperature and nearly 24 for it to cool.  If you want to make anything with clay and make it properly you can't rush this part.  The glaze will crack, the clay will not be as hard and the product cannot keep a stable color.

We do do our best however to have as much stock on hand as possible.  Therefore if you order something and we have it in stock it can leave here the same day.

We allow ourselves 28 days just basicly because I am a perfectionist.  I don't like sending out buttons or patterns that aren't in top quality form.  Very rarely however does it take us this long to turn your order around.

Most orders are sent straight away, the same day, some take a week, some may take a fortnight.

 Unfortunately buttons are very small and very time consuming to make and paint.  If the weather is moist, then the clay takes longer to dry.  Again you can't hurry this process with out there being problems with the structure of the clay.  Even a very small kiln takes a lot of buttons to fill.  Again if you run it half full it changes the processes of the temperature inside the kiln and how fast the temperature will climb and how fast it will fall.  It can't be too fast at either one of these.

We spend alot of time making sure that you get the best and most friendly service.  

My personal pet hate is to ring a business with a problem and them avoid me. Or speak with some one who won't listen.  

One of our business mottos, that we have lived by for the last 15 years is,

'If we don't know that there is a problem then we can't fix it and we would much prefer to be the first to hear about a problem than be the last'.  

Please remember: If you send an email and I don't respond with a couple of days it may be because I haven't gotten it.  Please resend it or phone.  Don't give up trying to contact us.... 

We have built our business on word of mouth promotion and this works well because we are good at what we do.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any queries using any of the details we have supplied in 'our contact details'.

We look forward to helping you make beautiful things and we hope you enjoy the buttons and patterns as much as we have enjoyed making them for you.

Thank you for your support and I sincerely appreciate your custom.